Absolute Mayhem
2001-10-09 18:56:15 (UTC)

hedge apple

lol. hedge apples...where do i i took adam to
another bonfire 2 nites ago to jackies. it was interesting.
lol. she has like 3 acres of land and trees...and well...
after awhile from being there...adam and i decided we
wanted some time for just us... so...we walked to the back
of their property where this hedge apple tree grows.. lol.
and i mean these things are one ugly chunk of green! they
look like overgrown snotballs! lol. no joke! i was
supposedly trying to find one to take home, and well
anyway...cough. lol. that was nice. and then last ntie..i
met adam at my old gradeschool...go st pats!... to watch
the girls bball tourney. we watched until halftime.. and
then we decided to climb over the gates to go upstairs.
that was hard work! lol. so we snuck upstairs to like
whichever floor (theres a million of them) and were like
dancing/spinning around in the dark halls upstairs that was
so much fun! until the buzzer went off for the end of the
game. so we had to run down the fire escape stairs..whic i
meight mention are total pitch black. i think i only ran
into a wall 3 times. lol. and we snuck outside and run
around to the other sie of the gym. what an interesting
adventure. but i do say, that was alot of fun and i must do
it again sometime soon. ;-) hey allie, do you still like
the same person i last knew of? anyway. i ttyl
jess 'E' bess