2006-06-24 18:25:52 (UTC)

I'm Back!

I'm going to begin writing again in this journal, although
it won't be as often and certainly not every day but I will
be checking in now and then.

Too much has happened in the past six months to play "catch
up" so I'll just hit the highlights.

My Dad's estate is just about ready to close. I hope to
tie up all the loose ends with disbursement in the next week
or two.

I applied to graduate school and was accepted! I
started at the beginning of the month and have had to hit
the ground running! I should have my MLS in December, 2008.

I am working part-time for the Oregon State Library in Salem
(which is right across the street from the State Capital) in
their Government Resources and Electronic Services
department. The library recently acquired the entire Oregon
State Legislature library so I'm checking the catalog to see
what the OLS has and what categories they'd fit in so they
can be properly cataloged. The GRES main function is to
provide research to Oregon state agencies.

Quilting, knitting, gardening, baking, and recreational
reading has been pretty much put aside although I do give
myself some "time off" occasionally from school, work and,
home responsibilities.

I'm glad to be back!