Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2006-06-24 03:39:27 (UTC)

he said it...

that's right,on june 19, my boyfriend told me he loves me :)

I had to make him repeat it for a few times, because i
wasn't quit sure i heard it correctly..lol But in response,
i told him i love him too. I think it's too soon to tell,
but on the other hand, i do like him a lot. He makes me happy.

I think the first month was kind of different. I've never
been in a relationship like this before and i just got worried.

Yesterday, we had a good day together. He came by my house,
ate with my family and we chilled at his place later on. We
watched tv and he fell asleep on meeeee...awww, he's too
cute :) I let him sleep for a bit, but then i woke him up
because i was getting kind of jealous.

I love just being with him, even if we do just cuddle
together flipping the channels. I like the bondingness it
brings lol.

i like him a lot.

I like him even more, because he doesnt force me to do
anything i wouldn't want to do. Even though he says he feels
'deprived'...lol...he still controls himself and i love
that. he respects me.