Nick's Journal
2006-06-23 00:15:26 (UTC)

Sex with Robots

today at lunch an interesting debate was started
(unfortunately by myself). we were talking about the
techonological advancements and how much we all fear that
asians will take over the world in about 20 years and i
posited the idea of sexual robots.
well no i didn't.
the economist did.
but i threw it out on the table. throwing out a
hypothetical situation with such incredible hypothetical
moral questions to a group of lawyers is like throwing out a
fresh steak to a bunch of hyenas.
they devoured it.
it was so intersting.
well up to a point.
we debated for a while. i mean should robots be programmed
to perform sexual favors? i said that they should, i mean
what was the harm? finally after about 42 mins. i won
people over. then we hit the kicker (also hit upon by the
economist). should 'child robots' be used for sex?
oooooooooooooooo man.
as if you didn't already know. i work in a small law firm.
my boss is male, the rest are female. i was now in the
face of four female attorneys 3 of which had little children.
i threw it out that child robots should be allowed.
i was assaulted. all of the new paralegals shrank to the
sides unwilling to join the debate, content to eat their
fucking subway sandwhiches without so much as a word.
i held ot my thought.
why not?
because it's deranged! immoral! depraved!
exactly! i retorted.
robots are not humans!
you watch those fucking datelines with child predators!
why not divert a predator?
what's the harm?
a robot has no feelings!!!
it does not exist in a sentient state!
allow these deranged fucks to sodomize a 'child robot'
instead of a real child.
so i held that view up for about 14 mins. then they came at
me with:
"well after a while a child molester will need 'real' blood,
and it would be as if we condoned his instincts"
damn women are smart.
but i believe that a pathological impetus can be satiateted
with a mere fabrication.
they place too much emphasis in the 'if i get caught' aspect.
i watched those dateline predator things. these people are
fucked up.
and personally.
i would put a bullet in their head the second they walked
into the door.
why not satiate a chemical imbalance with...well...imperfection.
they are obviously fucked up creations. so why not satiate
them with in-animate creations?
i do in a way understand the counter-arguments.
why even condone pedophilia?
why acknowledge dementia?
because even if you don't it still persists!
turn towards the beast.
throw it a tofu burger.
and point a gun at it if it lounges for the meat.