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2006-06-22 11:07:18 (UTC)

Another Entry

The sun is coming up. I have officially achieved vampire
status. I spend my nights awake and my days sleeping in my
basement suite/coffin.

I am really down today. I'm suddenly disinterested in
everything I do. And I'm tired of people. I've reached out
to so many people. It's not that I hate people in general,
but it's such an effort, meet people, get to know people,
keep in touch with people, be there for people.

And, nothing new, I'm down on the whole
dating/relationship thing. I think I've called 3 guys my
boyfriend in my day. Maybe. And I think everyone I've
dated has been deeeeeeply disturbed.

I now just stop myself once I realize I'm actually
interested in somebody.I like them, therefore they must be
disturbed. men I like are mentally unstable. I take this
as fact.

But wouldn't it be nice if everyone had their stupid cheap
chick flick ending? If there was someone out there to
complete everyone, and no one died alone in a singles
apartment? Wouldn't that be nice?

I wish there were someone for me. I know everyone thinks
that. But, truth be told, I don't think there's someone
for everybody. I think sheer population ratios are enough
to prove that.

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