Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
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2006-06-18 03:39:00 (UTC)


soooo....i think i'm kind of a jealous person and i hate
it very much.

i hate feeling jealous, becauase jealous is evil and evil
makes u do/think stupid things.

My bf changed his status as undisclosed. umm.. why? And i
noticed he added a girl on his friends list. umm...why?

I changed my status if something wrong was going on the
relationship and i was mad. When i asked him if is
everthing is ok, he said yes. But ever time i want to talk
about it, it's like that never happened because im just so
happy to be around him.


I dont know what it is. I think it's jealouly as sad as
that may sound. Yes, the girl he added was cute.

I think im jealous and just worried or being cautious that
he might break up with me for another girl?

It's happened before.

I just wish we were able to open up to each other. But
when i spoke to a few people about it, they said that its
better that way, because as the relationship goes on we
both open up. Im just use to it i guess.

Well...that's all that is on my mind...bye