Cosmic Rain
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2006-06-16 13:18:09 (UTC)

sunshine on an overcast day

I think this year has been a year where I've done one of
the biggest things I'll ever do in my entire life.

And if I can be proud of myself then I must say that I am.
And I did it without the aid of anyone when the moment
counted or anything that would take away and settle the
nerves..Something I haven't been able to do in a long

But there are special people in my life who I couldn't
have started this journey without. People who have always
been there and new welcomed ones who have shared their own
journeys with me. Even if I have never told any of you or
even if I never do. I love you all in the way that matters
the most. You are the most important people to me. And I
truly believe those are the people you'll find around you
when the world opens up its long closed door and asks you
to walk through.

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