Thoughts in the Confused
2006-06-14 20:57:07 (UTC)

E-Day. . . Long Past

Well, my last post here was the 'letter'. I am here to give
you an update. Non of it is good. So pretty much he never
responded to the letter. Never talked about it since then,
not a word. Him and I talk about as much as ever which is
not too much. We chat most through emails. I miss him.
While he is an asshole, he is an asshole I like. I just saw
him the other night. We exchanged about 25 words total. A
hi when he arrived, with a girlfriend. And then later on in
the evening when he sat by me ( I was playing Xbox) I asked
him if he wanted to play. He said he has not touched his in
years and he mentioned he heard the 360 was cool. I said it
was and he should come over to play it. :(

What can you do.

jdiary2001 @ gmail (dot) com