Middle Child

Listen. Don't Speak.
2006-06-14 04:02:01 (UTC)


Alright, so we almost make a month....

however, there seems to be a problem and i cant quite pin
point what it is. I think i know, but i dont know his part
of what might be a problem. I think it might just be that
we dont really talk as much. This is what i was kind of
worried about in the 2nd week of the relationship and it
turns out that it might be it.

The last week, was different for us. I havent seen him 3
days stright and probably spoke to him for a total of
maybe an hour...lol...as bad as that may sound. The 4th
day i saw him for about 2 mins, then his friend was
telling him to hurry up. It's like we have nothing to say
to each other any more. what? not any more..EVER!

What if his friends told him that they dont like me and
its sinking into tommy. I havent seen his friends in a
week and he never asks me to go chill with them ( im not
complaining, but it would be nice to ask).

My best friend suggested we go out for like a coffee or
something that involves talking. But he doesnt seem to
ever want to do anything or go anywhere.

i dont know...we need a talk