I drink Alone
2006-06-14 03:57:48 (UTC)

Some Glad Morning...

Oh what can the matter be?

Thursday night i'll b e heading out for Houston. The
wedding isnt till Saturday but Julia wants to visit some
relatives first.
I'm kind of worried about how Hayden will do-but hopefully
it'll work out.
We bought him the cutest little outfit today to wear. It's
white, very white. We'll have to put it on him right

I've been hanging out with Clint. Now that our
relationship is put in perspective everything is working
I told him I didn't care if he fucked other ppl as long as
he didn't try to hide it, lie about it.
His first comment was, "wow"
He seems to be more interested in hanging out now, guess
now that the pressure is off he feels more relaxed around
And i really don't care, i don't like him that way. He's
fun to be around and that's it.

mmm-let me be girly for a minute.
I went and got my hair cut yesterday. I think it looks
okay...Elisabeth got the same cut, she seems to like it.
Although with her hair it looks really good. It makes her
look older. Baby sister no more.

Okay, i'm over it. Thank god.

What can the matter be?

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