Nick's Journal
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2006-06-13 23:14:32 (UTC)

Learn How to Live

geuss waht prolbem i hvae. am i incapable of expressing
myself! i think not?

re-read then continue to read.

what are grammar and spelling really? nothing right? they
are truly superfluous. if we are able to discern the
meaning of a sentence just because the first and last
letters are in place, what difference does a rigid system
matter? i guess it put us where we are.............?

what good is grammar? can't we tell whta we say, just by
what we say? what good is any rule? moreover, what good
are rules that apply only to you?

i'm starting to get up with my once favorite

argh! i've started to hate all arguments of theirs, the
only thing worse being that i hate socialists thrice where is an austrian to turn? i don't know, but
i know now that i can't seek refuge in a doctrine that
enthralls itself with the inevitable laziness of
self-righteuousness. i know that ayn rand will tell you
that self-righteousness leads itself to virtuousity but more
than nought it doesn't.

virtuosity is always kept like a swiss bank account. it is
secluded from the mundane drudgeries of every day life,
because surely, waht raeosn do we hvae to uhplod any from of
itngeirty? why not have everyone else keep up our system of
sustenance and ubiquity? but that's not who we SHOULD be.
we should be the person who not only strives for their own
self-righteous goal but also who provokes some one else to
get off of their ass to achieve theirs.

i've never heard of virtuosity being a detriment, and only
in affairs where people view it as a self-righteous goal is
it deemed to be a "ho-hum".
"sure....just don't hurt no-body. but more importantly
don't let someone tell you what to do."
jesus christ.
if anything, you should listen to people. that doesn't mean
you heed their advice. that only means that you have more

christ just listen to people. they will talk your head off
and more than likely not offer anything poignant. but once
in a while you'll gleam a glimmer of hope.

so fuck libertarianism. i renounce any doctrine that
rejects input. ich versuche mich jetzt sbutel zu exrpseison.
allllllllllllllllese libe!

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