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2006-06-13 16:54:22 (UTC)

Who am I?

I guess there was no other way to learn this lesson than
the harder one - now I know why they say it is better to be
unmarried than married. I have never felt goose bumps or a
firey passion for Sam....I married him because we talked
all night for many days...I thought if I could talk to this
guy all night, we would be happy when we get older....but I
was so wrong. He is everything I hate in a person. He is
stupidly arrogant, obstinate...behaves like an uneducated
person at crass....I can't start describing. I
guess there is no point constantly thinking about how he
puts me off. I must find good things in him...things that I
can bear or like. I don't even want him to kiss me now
days. His nearness puts me off..clearly, this is not a good
sign for a six month old marriage. Oh what have I let
myself into.......

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