My Ruined Reputation
2006-06-13 02:38:20 (UTC)

Karma's a Bitch

Well, this weekend was interesting. More like Friday
night, but that was part of the weekend.
I found Matt. You know, the one that ran off with my $130.
Ohh it was great. Me and Jasmin went to oside to go to
Inner World. And guess who works there? None other then
the famous...*drum roll please*...Yep, you guess it. Matt.
I only recognized him when I was paying for my stuff, and
I thought that I would wait for him to not be busy and
then confront him about my money. Well...he's a pussy. He
ran out the back and didn't come back. So I left a note
with the chick that was working there too saying I wanted
my money and I'd give him a week to get it to me or I'd
come get it from him.
Of course I'm not expecting him to give me the money back
willingly. Which is why I'm getting the help of some
friends. Mainly Tony, Danielle's boyfriend. Ok, please
realize that Tony is maybe the scariest guy I have EVER
met. But he is so sweet. I explained the whole situation
and he's just like ya of course I'll help you out, just
give me a call on Thursday and we'll get it all set up. So
he's bringing a couple of his friends and I guess Nazi
Matt knows the Matt that owes me money, so he's going too
for like peer pressure or something like that. So pretty
much I'm set.
I'm so hyped up for Friday. Like really. You don't even
know. I've taken so much shit from so many people, that I
think this has just pushed me over the edge. And suck for
Matt that it was him who gave me the final shove. I'm not
a good person to mess with. Nice people can only be nice
for so long. And I'm not saying that I'm like the nicest
person in the world, because I'm not. I'm actually a
horrible person. But I'm talking about this general
So this is the plan. We all go to Inner World on Friday
night around 8, since that's the time he was working last
week. Tony talks to him, blah blah blah. I'm really not
expecting him to want to give me the money back. But I
know for a fact that Matt ALWAYS carries around a knife
with him. So in the case that the cops get called, which
they very well may be, me and all my friends are totally
clean, but guess what? Matt has a knife! ohh...poor
Matt...I don't care what it takes. I WILL get my money
back. Not to mention a peice of my pride he took with him
when he ran off with my money.

Don't fuck with me.