Unseen Scars..
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2006-06-11 20:19:48 (UTC)

Once A Glimpse..

I'm too hot. Weather wise that is..

All in all i guess this weeks been preteh good.

I sorted my driving lessons, first ones on tuesday at 12
o'clock, with david.. he seems nice enough, but we'll see!
He'll need some patience to teach me i can tell ya! Was
extremely nice of my mum to offer to pay for them aswell..

I have a job interview at stefan smiths in July, woop!

I have another college interview :) I really like that
place, they have llama's!

Fridee was a bit of a catastrophe though. I'm still really
dissapointed in Meg and Tobi for the way they acted.
Me and Nat ended up splitting up from them, we found out
later they'd disapeared to get fucking fanta! Tobi wasn't
answering her damn phone, and then they sat down with
scenesters while we spent ages trying to contact/find them
and worrying! fucking waa! They looked for about 2 seconds
then forgot about it, charming. No matter how drunk i am,
my friends are always always, always! my priority.
Their whole attitude that night was completely out of

I'm missing Nathalie :-/ It's silleh really, i mean i saw
her that friday night which was only 2 days ago, but still!
She's really really cool. I like her alot :) And she
brought me milkybar teh other day too!

Buy me milkybar and i'm yours ;)

Well not now, cause i'm Nathalie's! I like it that way and
that's the way hopefully it'll stay because right now, i
couldn't be happier :D


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