Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
2006-06-11 04:38:24 (UTC)

big changes

alot has happen since i was on here last i got proposed
to... i know right i was like huh, is he serious should i
say yes????... i was so shocked i said yes and now im so
happy that he asked me i reallly am its just that i dont
know if he is that one person that im supposed to be with
you know. i love him to death and i would do anything for
him its just that sometimes i get the feeling that he is
lying to me, like he wants it but wish he would have waited
to ask me. He is sweet, good to me, my family adores him.
Niether one of us is pulling in any real money, niether of
us got our own place or steady jobs that gives you
consistant keep a roof over your head pay. i told my almost
boyfriend that i was engaged in a letter how lame is that.i
hope he writes back to me i dont know if he will be hurt,
angry or what. i love him too. i told him that i love him
but im engaged and i dont know if this here is Going to
work but i also am not going to be the one to dump it.
especially if nothing is wrong. i want them both, why cant
i be 2 people instead of one.

i look back and if i had been his girl before he moved i
never would have me my man, because i wouldnt hve been
looking. ironically i known him my whole like but dont know
him at all. not his favorite color, cologne, team,
nothing... i guess it wasnt meant for me to be with him,
if it was i would have been? i miss him.