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2006-06-11 03:31:18 (UTC)


MVDP was today. So much fun. I lead of course and the
funniest thing happened at the end. We were all at the end
and like we wanted to stop but Palmer was like no keep
going. So I'm like fine. And they had like broken
formation and march so I'm like Left Left Left Right Left.
And then the guy on the quadtoms pick up the beat and
start drumming to it. Then the drummers just started
playing along. I love them for it. Then they started
another roll off so that the band would have to play. They
all like groaned and stuff it was hilarious. So I went
around afterwards finding drummers and hugging then Kerney
wouldn't let me hug him. He's like only my mom hugs me. So
I like kept trying to sneak up on him and hug him. But I
couldn't. Then spencer(I think that's his name, big guy,
wind ensemble) he like grabs Kerney and like holds him
while I hug him. It was funny. And I hugged the guy on the
quadtoms like 4 times 1 for each drum and especially
because he listened to me. Too bad Sarah didn't get a pic.
I hugged Trevor several times.

Thought of the Day:

Next Year I have no life.
Don't leave me smithy. Don't leave me life. Don't leave me
friends. Don't leave me love.