Random (boring) Thoughts
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2006-06-08 22:01:28 (UTC)


Somewhere, the CFO of a large company is cooking his
books, cheating investors and taxpayers out of millions of
dollars. What is the IRS doing to fight this crime, you

They're auditing me.

Yes, friends, it appears that I have joined the ranks of
delinquent taxpayers such as Al Capone and M.C. Hammer.
According to my pals in the U.S. Government, I owe
approximately $300 in back taxes.

I normally wouldn't be so concerned about this matter. As
a law abiding citizen, I don't have a problem with paying
my taxes.

Unfortunately, however, the IRS has screwed me over. The
delinquent tax debt in question was from over 2 years ago.
According to my records, the IRS has issued me at least
$1500 in refunds during that time period. Now, it seems,
they're calling for their refund back.

There is a fundamental problem with any company which will
issue you a refund when you actually owe money. The
problem with the IRS is that they force you to tell them
how much money you owe or are owed. Then, years later,
they actually check up on their progress.

This is roughly equivalent to buying something in a
department store, giving the clerk what you think you owe,
and then getting a bill two years later for the remaining

I say, screw 'filing' my own taxes: That's their job. The
IRS should be crunching the numbers for me and sending me
a bill in the mail.

After all, we certainly are paying them enough money....