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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-06-09 07:49:27 (UTC)

500th entry



there have been a few things i have talked about in the
latest entries to my diary that i feel may have been not
what Joel expected. in the past i have felt that love has
clouded my views. lately i have had to look at things on a
different level.

Joel has a busy week this week and He did tell me this. but
He did have time for a nice long chat today. He grabbed
some dinner on His way home from work and was waiting at
the computer when i logged in. Wwe both a a few program
problems but they are getting like breathing now....just
part of life. it is raining here and the road get a build
up of oil on them so when it rains the roads are very
slippery. a car spum out not far from our house and hit a
power pole causing a short outage. Once i was back online
Joel and i were able to have a really really good chat
about things. the more basic things in life.

i have had a look at myself, due to a question by someone.
i then decided to put the same question to Joel. His
answer was as i expected it to be. i then asked Him to
tell me without all the frills, how He sees an average day
between Uus when Wwe are finally together in person. the
response i got was not at all what i wanted. when i
expressed this to Him, He changed what He had said. i got
the impression that He was saying what He thought i wanted
to hear. this i will discuss with Him further.

i do need to know exactly where i stand. things would be
so different if Wwe lived closer or even on the same
continent. it would be more like try before you buy but in
a way i feel what Joel and i have is like an arranged
marriage with the only difference is that Wwe Oourselves
arranged it this time.

Joel left me with a command that i carried out as He