48 shades of darkness
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2006-06-08 20:26:32 (UTC)

Can't Escape

It never really mattered
I never really cared
Running away empty
Running away scared
Running from a life that never seems right
taking all the shit thats in my sight
but still can not win the fight
Fight to be happy
Fight to be free
Free of all the bullshit of being me
Taken advantage of cause I'm too nice
Too caring and too predictable no longer me
Fuck all that shit now
I'm spining out of control
Slipping into a person I may not be
Changing myself to be something else
To never again be destroyed
Never again be used and abused
Never love anyone
Cause theres no use
Words have meanings and it all means shit
Every "I love you" said is an example of it
Trust is yet another
I never want to feel
The pain of being me
I never want to live
I never want to die
I cant escape always being lied to
I can't escape always being denied
I can't escape seeing life through these eyes

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