Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
2006-06-06 22:50:52 (UTC)

haha I win

I get to lead the band in the maple valley days parade.
Sweetness. 8 days of school left.

I'm going to miss him. So bad. And he'll kinda be non
existant next year it's so sad. Next year is going to be
hell. I don't wanna do it. It's safe here. It's more fun
to communicate through e-mail then it is in person. And
we're never alone. And it can't happen. But yet I dream.

Dream with out any hopes of them being fulfilled. So it
kills me more. And I die more.


I’m dying,
Without you I’m nothing.
I’m crying,
But outside you don’t see anything.

I’m lying,
Broken on the floor.
Trying hard,
But I can’t see the door.

It’s safer here,
In my little cage.
Safe from the future,
And the world’s rage.

Dreaming of you,
Wishing for you,
Being with you.

For what more can I ask?
Than to make this moment last.

Thought of the Day:

8 more days. oh crap I have 80 points of culture credit
due. Damn it to hell. ;)

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