The First Tear

TEars: Good and Bad
2006-06-06 22:23:58 (UTC)

Damn it's a LONG time!!!

Dear Diary

ok, so i have a lot of catchig up to do. hahahaha. School
is over for the semester. i told mom and dad my plans for
the summer and they got PISSED off!!! lol. I nkew they
would. Mom like stopped talking to me for a while. oh well.
no skin off my nose. She is living in Virginia Beach right
now. she just moved there yesterday. good for her. lol.
She's working as a nurse down there or something.

I'm living with coy now. It's ok. I'm happy for the most
part. School is a bitch. I decided to take summer classes
and I HATE it! math sucks ass!!! i fucking hate that mother
fucking goddamn subject. yes I just said that but id ont
care. math deserves that word! lol.

Cody an di are doing fine. no major problems. Just mslall
piddley fights and shit. not a bigie. he's takig 1 class
this summer. he's lucky.

I'm working at White Castle now. it's not too bad. At first
I hated it but now that I'm getting to know everyone it'
sok. it's a job. it pays $7.00 an hour so...that's pretty

Well, I'm really pissed off about math right now and I'm so
frustrated i can barely think so i think 'm gonna go read my
book for englih class. TTYL


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