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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-06-07 07:51:37 (UTC)

sub diary 05-06-06


i wanted to close down the world today. what started as a
good day ended up being one of the worse days of my life.
i will admit that i made an error thinking that Master
wasnt working today. He sends me a schedule of all His
committments for the upcoming week. in my excitement, i
read sunday as meaning today and He said He was free all
day. i realised that earlier He had told me He had to work
but i simply got over excited that Master & i would have
some time together.

when i didnt see Master online i emailed Him and was told
He was indeed at work. my heart sunk as i saw my error.
but again i thought it was sunday and Master never works
late on sundays so i expected Him to be home early..only to
be told that He had actually slept in and gone into work
late...meaning He would be home late. finally He decided
that there were things at work that couldnt be done so He
came home but not before He had a few things to do on way

Eventually Wwe got to chat but the chat was stilted and
Master seemed to be preoccupied. He hadnt eaten so i
suggested that He goes to prepare a meal then Wwe could
chat after. He was feeling ill again also. i feel that
Master needs to get some investigation into the amounts of
sore throats and colds He gets...maybe His system needs a
good flush out and detox. Master didnt acknowledge my
request to leave and chat later. His responses seemed to
be slower as well so after giving Him the option to come
back later and again no reply to this i thought He must be
feeling like crap or He simply just didnt want to chat with
me later. i thought He may either be going to bed early or
had other plans. it was only 9-30pm His time. i said good
night and signed out.

i felt gutted by what had happened. i emailed Master my
thoughts and i even managed to access somewhere i could
page Him. this was just the beginning of many heart tearing


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