Nick's Journal
2006-06-05 23:51:23 (UTC)

Why I want to be a Lawyer

lately, i've been asked the question as to why I want to be
a lawyer a lot. normally people ask this in two different
ways. there is the part awe-struck 'holy-shit you're
getting yourself into a lot of work' look and then there is
the incredulous, 'jesus christ you idiot, why don't you just
butt-fuck satan now' mode.
either way, both have at least partial disbelief in them,
almost as if i'm not quite sure, even though over the past
cuople of years i have become certain that i want to be a
lawyer...but why?
i guess first and foremost is the most selfish. what i do
makes me feel good, or rather....i love giving advice.
whenever i am asked for advice i'm immediately flattered and
want nothing more than to give the best advice i can.
starting from the wisEdom that emily and i gave each other
throughout high-school to just some drunken babbling at the
end of a long night of drinking in college, i was always
really honored and felt so much self-worth when i was imbued
with this greatest of tasks.
the thought that my job can one day be that i will have the
ability to help people decipher the most obtrusive and
confusing iron grip that holds them in place (the american
legal system) is a goal that shines through the darkness of
the upcoming years of law school.
i really like how lawyers think and the more i work with
them i realize that i have always thought like they do. i
can never see things in black and white and theoreticals
always bother me. clear cut answers worry me to know end
and the old quote comes to mind,
"whenever everyone agrees with me i think that i'm wrong"
i juts love the analytical and 'coldly' rational way of
thinking that is required. induction and deduction are two
methods which make me bite my tongue and undergo tasks which
(hopefully) move from the abstract to the practical.
the thought of fusing the two makes me giddy. i guess i'm
just a geek in that way.
today my boss and i worked for two hours on how certain
regulatoins apply to our client and determine what laws we
can evoke that would help our client out.
the beauty of the law is that it needs to be fueled by a
certain cynycism and skepticism (both of which i believe i
have a healthy does of). i've heard that those that hate
law are either 1.) in it for the money or 2.) way too
idealistic. they go in thinking that change comes before
but only before you adapt to what is around you can you
really change anything. i mean you can't change something
you haven't familiarized yourself with. at least that's my
i don't want power. you can buy power. i want respect.
respect is something that you earn and i would imagine that
it's earned through well-given advice.
that would make me happier than anything else.
and that's why i want to be a lawyer.