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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-06-05 08:12:44 (UTC)

sub diary 04-06-06


i just wanted to sleep in today. i felt like i was safe
and the world was locked out. i woke with such a headache
as well. this is not a good thing. i dragged myself from
bed...took some paracetamol...went back to my room. i
stood behind the door and cried. i hate feeling like this.
i gave myself a pep talk and made the decision to get out
into the sun. i went for a walk down to the pond with some
stale bread and fed the ducks. everywhere i looked there
seemed to be happy families. after getting rid of all my
bread i went to the store and bought a fresh bread roll,
some ham slices, a large bottle of lime flavoured milk and
a womans magazine.

i went back to my room where i hibinated for the rest of
the day. in the evening i made some vegetable medley bake
for dinner. it was nice. then i went to bed.

boring day hey???

slave jess {MJ}