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2006-06-04 15:11:18 (UTC)

Class of 2006

Two days ago, I graduated. I went to the grad. practice
in the morning at 10:30 and I had to stay there until
about noon. From there I went over to Ryan's house and we
began a search for a bag. We didn't find a damned bag so
I was forced to smoke stems and resin with him. Mat came
over and we all chilled until I had to leave.

Then started graduation. I got there about 6:10 and the
ceremony started at 7, I had to wait 50 minutes :(. It
was suprising that I was forced to sit there so damned
long. It wasn't all bad though, I was talking to Ryan
Horihan most of the time. He doesant smoke or drink so he
had other things to talk about other then pot.

Once the ceremony started, I got screwed out of sitting
next to people I know. I was supose to be #2 in one of
the rows but some people didnt show up.... (Why wouldent
you show up to your own damn graduation?) So I was #25 at
the end of the row. It sucked and I had to sit there the
entire time.

In graduation, I saw Berret, Mason and a few other stoners
get their diploma's... Stoned. I was pissed because I
didnt have any before hand :(. I went up and grabbed my
diploma with a smile on my face.

After the ceremony, I went to Applebee's with Jesse,
Melissa, Tony and my parents. It was awesome. I have
never had a day where I was completly sober and I had that
much fun. I ordered the spicy hot wings and got mild :(.
But meh. It was all fun.

The day after graduation (yesterday), Jesse and Melissa
invited my mom, mike and me to their cabin on a lake to go
tubing, skiing, and my brother even tried to go wake
boarding... Never got up on the wakeboard though.

I tried water skiing, I was up for about 2 seconds before
I fell. But it was all fun. Then came tubing, and I had
to have been atleast a foot up in the air when Melissa put
me off of huge huge waves. They had a boat that is
specifically used for water sports. I had a great time;
and I was completly sober. Actually, I haven't smoked a
bowl in a few days- An actual bowl.

Today, I plan on going to Jessa's and chilling with her.
I might bring hoho with me, but I havent decided yet. I
have the most fun when im down there and I dont even need
to smoke a bowl... Thats what I love about being down
there. Because down there, I dont feel that I need to be
stoned or get stoned. Being there makes me feel differant-
Weird even. Not in a bad way, just in a way where my
brain shuts off and im allowed to stop thinking.

All in all, right now- Today... I wouldent want to be
anywhere else.... Or anyone else.