Lunactic Scriptures
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2006-06-04 09:34:18 (UTC)



She scooted closer then took his hand. Wearing just
her boxers underneath the nightshirt she guided his
powerful hand to the hole of the boxers and nested it
With a gulp, he dug his hand inside slowly to cup her
croth. He felt the light prickle of her pubic hair. He
gasped and started to rub and she sighed and leaned back
on the bed.
Cock fully erect, he took it out and started rubbing
it. She quickly took over and began massaging his shaft.
Her hand firmly moving his dick back and forth made his
face flushed and eyes widened. As pre-cum came out of his
hole she rubbed her finger in it on the tip of his dick
then brought it to her mouth.


Unable to contain more, he quickly lifted up her
shirt to her neck exposing the celestual orbs of her
breasts. He then proceeded to lay on top of her and thrust
his manhood into the boxers where it found it's way into
her pussyhole where he started to attack it with his dick.
Ready for the ride, she layed back spreadeagled and closed
her eyes.
Her upper body bounced a little on the bed as he
continued to pound her. Soft warm wet pussy lips
lubricated his shaft and her tightness offered up a
challenge for his size. One hand on her hip and the other
rubbing her chest as he was a flurry of sexual passion.
She simply had her eyes closed tight as she felt him go
deeper and deeper inside her.
Nearing over, he took out and grabbed the back of her
head. She opened her mouth before he told her too and with
eyes now wide open she began feeling his balls and he
masturbated. With a loud groan, six full steamy shots of
cum splattered all over her face and inside her mouth. The
last squirt landed directly on her nipple where she began
to rub cum on her chest.
Before swallowing his cum she sucked his dick to
drive out any remaining juice. He collapsed as she
continued to swallow his throbbing cock. With his dick
half-hard she got on top and proceeded to ride him to make
him excited again. He stared at her naked body soaking in
her chest.
"It has to get hard again honey." He told her.

She got up and sat on his face, turned around, and
stuck the softening cock in her mouth. She felt the
radiating head poke her throat as it began to regain in
size. She gagged as his cock was now blocking her airflow,
but she continued to suck as if trying to breathe for
Satisfied with the size, she got up and stradled his
dick and slid down on it. She began to bounce and ride him
hard. She bounced like a little girl bouncing on a big
rubber ball. Her cum was starting to seep out of her pussy
folds lubricating his dick.
Then sensation drove him insane and she began moaning
like a banshee. Both had cummed at the same time where it
seeped out and sloshed around inside her. She got off and
layed down with legs still open. He placed his hand above
her crotch and forcely pressed with his fingers. Cum shot
out 3 feet and even landed on his body where he too
proceded to rub on his body.
He took a handfull and licked