Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-06-03 22:12:00 (UTC)

more or less

"It is the peculiar and perpetual error of the
human understanding to be more moved and excited
by affirmatives than by negatives."

-Francis Bacon

I've been reading more this week, Bacon, Twain, and
Fitzgerald.. other than that, I've been planning and
building a futon frame for my futon, obviouslly not a
well thought out plan, but a plan none the less...

Also, going to build a wall for my room, that'll be fun,
instead of the ugly white canvas that's served as a wall
for these many months. Living in the basement is quite fun
at times, and it's very cool, temp wise..

My hair is growing, I've decided to grow it out, I opted
out of classes this summer, and instead will be doing
motorcycling, I mean, come on, classes on post modern art
(for the cheap & easy A ) and Film (for the cheap B ), or
off on roadtrips?

in the last 2 weeks, I've gone a total of 10 days without
pepsi, and after today, I will continue with my 5 days off,
2 days on, until I can get to 7 days and 2 day, and then
10 days and 2 days, and then 10 days and 1 day until, I no
longer crave pepsi or caffiene..

On can only hope my plan will work..

otherwise, well, it'll suck..