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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-06-03 21:55:33 (UTC)

sub diary 03-06-06


I love my sweet slave, I love her so much.
I want to be with her, have her here.
Master Joel

what a surprise. i opened my diary to post my entry and
found that Master had been here before me. i love the
little surprises so much.

i chatted to Master for a little while today. week ends
are for family. i know i am part of a family but as each
member get partners of their own and have children, i move
one step away. i think it is wonderful that most of my
family are spending time together...but i do feel left out.

this afternoon i drove to the beach and watched the waves.
the weather has turned cool and i was so cold. the breze
was cutting through my clothes...freezing not only my body
but it felt like my inner soul as well. i am having a real
downer again right now. i am so sorry people.

slave jess {MJ}

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