Unseen Scars..
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2006-06-03 00:35:24 (UTC)

Forever Isn't Long Enough.

Tonight I've decided i'm sitting here in Pj's, eating
milkybar, drinking wine and watching old school movies

Well, not forever, that's an awfully long time. Don't you
think? Like when people say "We'll be together forever".
That's utter bollocks. For example; Years ago, when I was
younger, I had this best friend, Natalie. We told each
other we'd be friends forever and we'd never lose contact.
Then we moved to separate places and we've not spoke to
each other in about 5 years.

Where is forever now? That didn't last. Nothing lasts as
far as I'm concerned. Especially if you believe it will.
If you think that your friendship/relationship will last
forever you're wrong, it will be doomed.

You know I'm right.

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