2006-06-02 16:53:21 (UTC)

He has flaws! part 2...

Last night we went out shopping. At first it was just me
and him fooling around on his bed when his parents weren't
in the house. It was great. Apperently I made him feel
like he never felt before. I used some moves from that
book... and uh...used two hands this time, plus my lips so
he was sighing and mowning, and I loved it.

We both got really exhausted after that and he said I'm
gonna have to give you an IOU. I told him that's fine, and
apperently scored major points. Well, all good. I wasn't
as tired as him, but I was pretty out of it too.

He changed the plans to meet up with the gang at the mall,
so I didn't want to be really late. But today he had the
wheel. (my horoscope said to let someone else drive for a
balanced relationship. I think that started some trouble)

Some of his flaws:

Doesn't dance sober
Don't like how he treats me when gets drunk
Complains all the time (I don't like negativity)
Tries to get under my skin and see how far he can take
something until I stop him
He gets crabby if he's tired or hungry
(and he's very frequently hungry)
He doesn't like to walk
self conscious
sometimes paranoid

I figure that the better a girlfriend/lover I am the more
he'll just love to treat me as nice as he can. And yeah it
works... but it does not cancel out the things that he
just is. like a complainer.

I guess I can just figure some things out. I just need to
be very communicative. If something he does pisses me off,
I should tell him (not let him know) right off the bat.
But the thing is there is a lot i can tolerate but I still
don't want him to do it. I just prefer if he wouldn't
cause it gets a little on my nerves. It gets me a bit down
if it accumulates. THe thing about that is, that it's not
all black and white. It's a hell of a lot of grey. If he
does something that just out right pisses me off, I'll let
him know there and then, but if it's in the grey, then
it's harder to jump on that right away.

Whenever we fight I feel like I shouldn't see my doctor
yet. Then when we get intimate again, I wish I were
already on it. But I know I shouldn't, cause if it's not
gonna work, if we continue to have these little arguments
and we end up breaking up, then I don't wanna start doing
that. Sex is like pringles, once you pop, you don't stop.
And I love the guy, this is just a bump we need to get
through and once we do, we'll be in a bigger love.

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