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2006-06-02 20:17:49 (UTC)

sub diary 02-06-06


i spent the day with my brother today. his place of
employment is having problems so they have forced half the
staff to take holidays. my brother has alot to do at home
so he didnt mind the days off. he asked me to help him
with a few things. he wished to give his wife a surprise.
his home is rather large and with both of them working
things get left. i helped him clean the bathrooms as well
as sort out the garage. we washed curtains on the windows
and wiped down walls. i was so busy and if felt good.

he had went to lunch with his wife so that gave me the
opportunity to spend time with Master. i couldnt
wait to spent some time in private with Master.

in the afternoon i chose to recover an older cane setting
that my brother has in his family room. i had the material
and recently i had taken my sewing machine from storage so
it all worked out fine. somehow i made a mistake cutting
out the covers so i grew angry with myself and thought it
would be wise to put the work away until another time. i
had a nice talk with my brother. he told me about some of
his plans he has for the immediate future. the air
conditioning guys were finally putting his air cons into
his house and his shed is being erected. my bro deserves
some good things happening to him after all the bad things
that have happened lately.

he was a little hesitant talking to me about wanting to
begin a family. i told him that he will make an excellent
father and i will be very happy for him when they decide to
have a baby or threee. :P

i love You Master
slave jessica {MJ}

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