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2006-06-02 01:33:55 (UTC)

Doubt Assumes a Painful Touchstone

You should never assume something before actually getting
to the truth, but it is so difficult if the whole mystery
touches a tender spot. Sometimes, it makes you really
angry, really sad, or confused. Questions arise, and the
next phase includes self-inflicted insanity. Be
independent; don't expect high expectations of everyone
because no one is perfect and eventually there will be a
disappointment. Save yourself the pain, the confusion, and
the drama; as a student and teenager, there's already so
much that you can take. Live life, and choose
relationships wisely, and don't be afraid to speak up
whenever doubt arises. If you feel that a friend, a family
member, a spouse, or partner is deceiving you, don't act
on impulse. Complete the detective work, and then act as
necessary. You are a special person, and no one has the
right to walk all over you or bring you pain.

Much Love.

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