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2006-06-01 02:15:08 (UTC)

I havent written in this diary for a while

I'm thinking that the reason i dont write here everyday is
because, even though like, no one knows this diary
exsists, i still cant bring myself to sit for 3 hours
straight and spill out my guts on any number of subjects -
because i know that its gonna end up read. And the only
person i would EVER let read my diary, is the only person
who knows its here. But still, i just . . . i mean. If I
were to do this diary thing the proper way, it would take
literally 3 hours each time. Because i cant start typing
about something and have a time limit. because if i ever
was gonna keep an honest diary, then i would have to do it
all the way. And i would have to sit here until i got
every last blab out. and you know how this works, right? I
mean, i'll start talking about one thing and then it will
spark something else related to that that im thinking,
which will just make everything so long. and then i'll get
a headache from thinking too much. And i'll probably get
really mad or depressed form thinking about all the crap.
The only time I write in here now is when something really
bad happens. like, when im gaving a bad day. and i want to
and what kind of a diary is that? full of yucky whiny
thoughts? See, im already bored. I just suck at this.
I really want to do it though. cause if i had something
good written in here, then i might actually want to send
it to you.
haha. im so dumb

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