void deck
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2006-05-31 08:26:45 (UTC)

once she was the most important girl in my life

As I read Kat's past emails to me, I was flooded with
memories of us. Our struggles, our ever-diverging lives, our
love lives... She was my best friend, and the thought of
losing her to time is heartbreaking. We could talk about
anything to each other... we shared our stories, laughters,
tears; there were sincerity, love and care. We grew up
together, experiencing similar growing pains. We vowed to be
friends forever, to keep this friendship alive despite
distance and time.

I remember those time when we were young and carefree; like
gangsta on a harley davidson, the world was our oyster. we
had dreams, we were idealistic. and we grew up. getting
closer to the rose-tinted glass and finding that it was not
as beautiful as it may seem from afar.

our friendship felt like a draft. as time goes by, one by
one, the wood was cut off the bunch. i have abandoned the
dying draft since this year. i don't know why i decided to
give up on this friendship. i could not communicate how much
misery it caused me to make this decision.

i don't think i could ever find a friend like her anymore.
the closeness in spirit that i felt with her was indescribable.

this is a part of growing up that i hate. the part where you
could not carry the dear friends from the past to the future.

a part of me has been left in the draft.