Short Stories
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2006-05-31 07:49:08 (UTC)

The Darkness In The Deep ... 5 / ?

"A ... what, sir?" The dark uniformed officer inclined his
head ever so slightly towards his superior, trying to catch
the last word he had heard.
"For lack of a better word" said the Major. "What the
devil is he doing back here?" The major's brow furrowed
deeply, as he leaned back in his chair, pondering. Almost
talking thoughtfully to himself, he said, "Either way, he's
still a security risk here." Then, after a few moments, "How
did you say he got in again?"
"Evidently, the corporal in charge of night watch found
him in records as being active personnel."
"And the refuges?"
"We ran them through screening. None of them show signs of
infection. They're currently being held in quarantine."
"That doesn't mean anything, yet. Until they can be
properly debriefed we will have to assume one if not all of
them are working for him." The major mused a moment, tilting
his head to the sky. As if trying to contemplate every
possible angle of something. "Send two agents to debrief the
refuges. Until then, they are not to leave quarantine."
"Yes, Major" the officer replied, although making no move
to leave to carry out his orders.
After a few moments, as expected, the Major added, "...
And as for our 'lost brother', if it were up to me, I would
have him executed on the spot. Or, at least, left to rot in
a dark, hole. He is much too dangerous, to be here. I would
not risk the city for the sake of satisfying my curiosity.
Whatever motives he might have for returning, he can't be
completely trusted. But, as fate would have, the high
council wants to interrogate him."
"You mean, Gorman wants to see his precious 'son' again?"
"Might as well be" The major snorted. "I don't think
Gorman ever really believed the reports that trickled in of
seventy-four's exploits and forays into our territories. I
think he wanted to believe it was just ... some kind of ...
ruse that seventy-four was undertaking. Something, that
would explain why he turn coat'ed us. That he hadn't really
left us for her."
The soft, quiet silence pervaded the room as each man
seemingly was lost in thought for a few moments.
"I guess we shall know soon enough." replied the officer.
"... Actually, with spooks like seventy-four, it's
probably a guarantee, that we will never really find out.

... It's their job afterall."