Dragon Eyes And Angel Wings
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2006-05-31 06:28:25 (UTC)


Well, tonight I decided to go for a jog. I got back about
half an hour ago. I only went for like 5 or 10 minutes. I
thought I was going to die. I was wheezing. Who the hell
wheezes? Me. After jogging.
I figure if I jog more often , it'll likely improve. But
unfortunately I'm lacking motivation. Or confidence.
Acutally both. So tonight, around 10:00 I figured if I
went for a jog it'd be a decent time because it's not too
hot out, nor too bright out. Last thing I want is some
idiots to drive past me screaming, " You run like a
Anyways.... on to other topics. Lately I've been having
pretty crazy dreams. Like last night. I dreamt I was
visiting Dad and Vera and there were other kids there too.
I'm guessing Vera decided to adopt er something but
anyway... there were 2 girls about 16 years old and two
boys, one of them young and the other about 17. I'm
convinced these kids were the works of Satan. I remember
meeting them, and then once it became dark outside, the
two girls started to fight. And not just verbal... they
were kicking eachothers asses. Throwing eachother down the
stairs and really scary violent shit like that. I was
trying to separate them but also afraid of being pulled
into the mess. I kept screaming for Dad and Vera because I
needed help but no one came. It was fucked up. And then
somehow (in the same dream) I was walking though the city,
(Vancouver) and apparently the world was going to end. And
everyone knew it. People were all over the place, running
around,looking for loved ones and scrambling for a place
to be safe. I don't know who I was with, but I entered a
building and walked up a large flight of stairs and into a
room where there was about 20 people. Some were talking to
eachother, others were just sitting there with frightened
or blank looks on their faces. Others were praying. I sat
down in a corner and observed everyone. Then I had to go
pee. So I got up and found the washroom. When I entered,
the washrooms were a mess. I went pee and realized I was
super dehydrated. I listened to people outside the stalls
talking. Talking about if theres a future. Or where they
should go from here because they werent sure if it was
safe. Then they started talking selfishly, about how they
should started threatening people and beating them up for
their belongings. My thoughts then were 'Holy fuck... the
savange in all of us is going to be exsposed. We'll do
anything to survive." (Almost like Lord Of The Flies I
suppose.) I decided I couldn't stay in this builing I was
in, and went to go find a place where I could stay by
myself. Because either I was going to die of dehydration
or whatever was going to hit this earth to turn it into a
Then I woke up.
Thinking about my dream now it makes me wonder if we all
do die alone.
My guess is that a dream like this means that I feel like
I have no control over my life.
I've had similar dreams before. I'm pretty good at
remembering my dreams. Even the non-significant dreams
that are just fluff.
I've had a dream before where I was sleeping, and I woke
up and stepped outside of my house and the whole world
outside had been destroyed. It was a mess. Like a huge
fucking tornado or something as catastrophic had hit. It
was unrecognizable. Then I wondered to myself in my
dream, 'Why was I saved then?''Why was my bedroom
perfectly preserved and why didn't I hear anything outside
while this was happening?' So then I had to start and
venture out to see if I could hopefully come across some
other survivors.

Weird eh? I wish I was better at analyzing dreams. They
all mean something anyways but sometiems it's easier to
have an outside perspective on it. So when I go to work
and I've had dreams like those, I tell one of my co-
workers, Cyndy, and she provides me with what she thinks
it could possibly mean.
Cyndy is wicked. She has 6 kids, she's 35 and she's still
sane. Last Friday her and I smoked a joint and had a
wicked time. She's into a lot of the same stuff as I am
and we kind of think the same way.
Lol, but the best part was when we were munching out. We
went to the superstore beforehand and bought some pita
bread and a bunch of dips for them and we bought these
cookies. They were strawberry shortbread with white icing
and red sprinkles. They looked yummy.
Anyways after we smoked the joint and stuffed our face
with pita dips we grabbed one of the cookies. They were
unbelieveably sweet. And soft. And chewy. Heaven. Since I
have a huge sweet tooth I gobbled mine down in like 10
seconds flat. Cyndy took a huge bite of hers, Chewed it,
then swallowed it. Then she stared at the cookie for like
30 seconds and then looked at me. Then said "Holyyyy
shit.... those things are so fucking sweet... I think my
head is going to explode!!"
Hahahahahaha we just burst out laughing. It took her like
15 minutes to actually finish the cookie.
Meanwhile I was just sitting there and letting my brain
make a humming noise from the sugar high. It was nuts.

Anyways I should probably get some sleep. I sure typed a
lot today. Oh well. It's made up for the past few months
that I haven't written in here.
Hopefully Angel Wings will write in here soon too.

-Dragon Eyes*