slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2006-05-31 15:25:15 (UTC)

sub diary 30-05-06


i had to babysit for a little while this morning and it was
planned for Master and i to have a session via phone. i
arrived early so that things could be organised and nobody
rushed. i guess in all my haste i made a silly judgement
and ended up having an accident that caused alot of panic
here. so much for being organised to save stress. i
applied an ice pack to the injury and rested. i was still
able to babysit, but twice the trouble as one was a toddler
and the other was a small puppy. the toddler loved playing
with the puppy but all puppies have sharp little teeth so
there were many tears and loud noises. i was able to chat
with Master but i had missed the phone session as i wasnt
alone for long. i was aching from my accident so i went to
see a doctor. i was double booked so i waited briefly then
made another appointment for later in the day.

Chatting with Master wasnt as good as i had hoped. i
really do need to hear Master when He takes control. After
my doctors appointment i went home alone to sleep. i need
rest so much. i am always tired lately. i think it might
be all the stress finally catching up on me.

in the evening one of my siblings arrived to check on me &
to take me to visit someone who is leaving town. i really
didnt want to go but i understand that this maybe the last
time i ever see these people so i went. after a about 1
hour i was ready for bed again so i got dropped back to my
hostel. i showered, prepared for bed like Master wishes.

i didnt rest that well.

slave jessica {MJ}

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