Antics of the Young and Random
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2006-05-31 04:04:44 (UTC)

Quotes page eighteen

"Mind Raped by an Angel"

"Hey, John. Spell I cup."

"How do you do that? You cannot give an anus expressions!"

"Sphincter says what?"

"Hey Jess, sphincter says what?"

"It's like 'Hamburger Helper--DEEP SOUTH.'"

"Run, Kevin Bacon! Who John apparently thinks is Patrick
Swayze... tool. THAT'S not Patrick Swayze!"

"Surprise me, mommy! I'll close my eyes."

"Yes, she'd be a very fat ally."

"I wonder why rocks don't smell like anything."
"I dunno... maybe your sense of smell is dead. Lemme see...
*sniff* Iii dunno."

"She was all, fuckin'... sword-dueling her vagina and shit."

"I dunno what was up with that chicken."

"I love you more than bunnies."

"I like stank-ass shit!"

"Why do you have this constipated smile?"

"You know why Napoleon lost? Because he's a short little
fucking wacko."

"How 'bout Jew Fighter?"


"I put in "big evil sword" and it came up with a picture of
a baby..."

"I found a Snow Coconut!"
"A snoconut?"
"That's my word! You can't have it... even though it sucks."

"I hafta write that down...... wait, what'd you just say?"

"Anal what?"

"Awesome. Bogus. Newman!"

"Dave made our dad stupid!"

"Hey, who's this new kid at MHS?"
"Oh, well that's just Turtlemile Skipadoo."

"I am Compost Man
I like to live in your garbage can."

"This is all about pure jungle ball frenzy!"

"All is very confuse."

"Call it Granulation Proclamation."

"I'll give you a granulation."

"I almost wanna shove it in my face so I can tell people
about it."

"I'm like a craaaaazzy UFO."

"And why do you have a picture of a girl on here? Playing
piano. You're not a girl or a piano!"

"That doesn't mean you're not an anal frenzy."

"I suppose its... menacing like necrophelia."

"From now on, every shit I make will be called Gilgamesh."

"What the hell is he doing in the whale!?"

"Yeah, but if you jumped out the window you'd splatter on
the ground and then your corpse would get covered with
chunks of metal and exploded people."

"Who is this Max, with his cape and spiked armor?"

"Happy sack!"

"I squeezed my Twinkie!"

"Are you sure it didn't have a head when it first attacked?"

"Mugen just got ass-raped by that gay guy"

"Ricardo the Magical Retarted Beaver"

"You will get good anal sound quality."
"I already get good anal sound quality."
"*Opens WordPad*"
"You're gonna write that down, aren't you?"
"Well... yeah. I mean, who says they get good anal sound
"Who tells someone to put speakers in their anus?"

"Pigs are not cute, they are bacon."

"When the hell is Inuyasha on?"
"Who the fuck knows?"
"You should know."
"Fuck knows!"


"Hey come on, let's go KidzBop in my room."

"What is the significance of that Doa Jones industrial
"To poop on you!"

"Let's take a Pop Tart and fill it with nasty meat."

"John, do I smell like farts and frosting?"

"I gots Yen, and you don't."
"What're you gonna do with it, show it off to Ben?"
"Probly. It'll be like, 'Hey, Ben. Want some Yen?"

"I will absolutely never piss your bed."

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