48 shades of darkness
2006-05-30 22:47:44 (UTC)

getting lost

Getting lost in the eyes of beauty
Feeling the power of emotion as my mind starts to take in
every inch of that impression
My heart starts to heal itself and I feel happy
It's hard to stop starin as I don't want these feelings to
I feel the power of love radiating from these eyes, that I
never want to stop looking at me
The smile of an angel,ever so sweet, brings me to a place I
never want to leave
Everytime I look at you I get butterflies
to think that such beauty can be with me
Beauty all around, inside and out
With that personality to make me know that you are true and
real sweet and caring, loving and daring to put it all on
the line for me
Not much of anything, but when with you I feel like