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Journal of Joels slave
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2006-05-30 17:19:12 (UTC)

sub diary 29-05-06


i had a doctors appointment today. i went to it full of
good thoughts and hopes. the wait wasnt as long as i
expected. as soon as the doctor saw me he said he had
hoped that i had shown some inprovement since my last
surgery. it appears that i have actually suffered some
nerve damage and they cant be sure if it will repair
itself or not. nerves have been know to heal themselves
over time so it is just a wait and see thing right now.
also my last surgery showed some abnormal cells so i have
to go for a colonoscopy. i felt like the ground was taken
from under my feet.

i managed to chat with Master and also Wwe had a talk on
the phone. it was good to let some of my fear out to Him
again. He seems to be there for me when i need Him. Master
was cautious as to not do anything or say anything to put
me in a compromising position.but listening to Master made
my very wet and soon i asked Master if i could touch and He
agreed on the proviso that i was quiet. Master's voice
will do it to me every time. He gave me instructions to cum
for Him again tonight when i am alone in my room. i cant
wait. Oour chat was cut short due to phone drop out. i had
an early night so i could carry out Master's orders.

slave jessica {MJ}

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