Nick's Journal
2006-05-28 16:43:40 (UTC)

The Water Mystery

ever since i was a little kid i had either water or milk
next to my bed before i went to sleep. i've never noticed
just how methodical i am mainly because neither juli nor
dave do this as well.
befor i went to bed as a kid my mom would put either water
or milk on my night stand and all throughout college i would
pour myself a glass of brita water before going to bed. now
that i'm on my own and can afford milk, i either go back to
milk or water for the night.
that in and of itself isn't a mystery in any sense, there's
just this one quirk. i never drink it! ever. well that's
not true. if i wake up during the night (which i inevitably
do) and force myself to drink it then i do. otherwise it
sits there un-touched.
now the weird thing is that if i don't have the glass next
to me at night, i wake up extremely thirsty. i mean i don't
just wake up and then think i'm thirsty. i wake up thirsty.
which is really odd, because it ONLY happens when i do not
have a beverage by the side of my bed.
then i grumble and i rumble to the kitchen and drain close
to two glasses.
i don't understand how i am not thirsty when i have a
beverage but i am extremely thirsty when i don't. isn't
that really odd? i mean i'm sure there's some deep-rooted
subconscious impetus, but i don't understand it. i mean
shouldn't such a physiological be completely independent of
my psychological state?
it really gives a lot of creedence (at least to me) that the
mind and body are more inter-linked than we wish to believe.
it also backs the notion of a holistic view of the body,
instead of the reductionistic approach of "each organ does
it's thing almost autonomously and they just happen to
produce you". i guess that is ridiculous in it's own right
but still.
and then again i suppose that the need for water is mostly
psychological. however, the dehydration factor usually is a
subset of the organs.
nevertheless, i would love to have some psychologist let me
know what the fuck is up with me. i mean i think i can
discount the chemical factor is negligent considering that
it only hinges upon an outside variable.
my best guess is this:
i go to bed and subconsciously imbed the thought, "i didn't
get water" my brain wakes me up and says, "niggah, what's
yo problem? you know you gonna be thirsty!"
so let's say my body wakes up dehydrated no matter what at a
given point in time. if my subconscious reminds me that i
had nothing there for me, the psychological factor
supplements the initial physiological aspect which awakened
however, should i come to awaken with the notion that i had
the water there in any rate it's ok and the psychological
drive is not there and in a way pacifies me in an ethereal
other than that i have no idea, but it's weird.