slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-05-27 22:43:12 (UTC)

sub diary 27-05-06


last night my sleep was disturbed by a phone call again.
one of my siblings's friends called me at 3 am to talk to
me. i had no idea why... i thought they were out partying
and were doing hoax calls...i didnt even know how they got
my number. i found out the reason so this morning i was not
a happy person. i woke early and needed to do my share of
the the hostel we must do the cleaning or be
charged a cleaning fee....i prefer to clean but not today.
i wanted to sleep.....but if i slept i would get a sleep
hangover. i ended up staggering out of bed to do my bit.

i went to the markets & bought some fresh fruit &
vegetables. i am eating alot more healthy now...i have
reduced my fat intake and increased my fibre and protein. i
have never been a big meat eater but i need more iron and
red meat and dark green veges are the way to go for me.

i managed to chat for a short while today with a few
friends. i had an issue with one of the people i chat with.
after some prompting i offered my opinion and i feel they
may have taken offense by it. i didnt push the issue. i
said what i wanted to say, explained my reasons and left it
at that. when i dont agree with someone i hate to say
something... a case of if i have nothing good to say then
say nothing. i felt bad afterwards.

i had a glass of red wine in the evening before bed. being
back in my hostel allows me the privelege of being able to
follow Masters nightly rituals. i love to be blindfolded,
bannered and bound each night for Master.

i love You Master,
slave jessica {MJ}

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