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2006-05-27 10:21:03 (UTC)

We'll see...

Just because someone is out of sight doesn't mean they're
out of mind. A former coworker may reappear on the scene
now, and they offer a missing link between you and several
opportunities -- including greater wealth and a hotter
romance. Keep an eagle eye out for unfamiliar phone
numbers or email addresses, because everything isn't as
you assume it to be. Sometimes relationships or other
types of connections are circular - and they come back
around to make things complete.

Well, actually, could this be about the convo I had with
mother last morning? It did involve relationship
conversation? I did get some strange invite to a club
with no cover for me and like 5 friends I think, then
again, it's a strange number, and I don't know the person
or the club, besides, my name is suppose to be on the
list... you got the wrong person= you got tha wrong name...
We'll see what the day brings

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