slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2006-05-26 21:54:11 (UTC)

sub diary 26-05-06


i read other diaries and right now i have taken offense to
what has been said in one of these. it seems that some
think that a submissive cant be intelligent. with this kind
of opinion, i now understand why there is so many problems
in some relationships. intelligence doesnt come into how a
person feels in their souls. is it a form of humiliation?
maybe this is why i dont understand it or agree with it.

when Master & i chatted today i was not alone so i had to
be careful what i was saying. Master gave me a command to
write about any thoughts i had of Him and to discribe what
i do exactly. this will be away from here and will remain
private forever. there are certain things that are private
between Master and myself.

slave jess {MJ}

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