2006-05-25 23:02:23 (UTC)

Ignorant Talk

A pitfall today led to an insight. I am grateful to my
friends and the invisible forces that helped to provide
strength. Once, I too was a kid vulnerable to the
criticism of others, usually willing to follow their lead,
even if it required hitching a simliar train of thought.
But that, I have discovered, is pointless and degrading.
Do not oppress yourself, but rather, like the saying goes,
pursue your own beat.

Words do indeed pierce the heart, even the smallest,
negligible forms pack a powerful punch to each individual
person. No one should tell you that you're ugly, or
unsuited for that outfit because you have a few extra
facial hairs, or because your thighs are a little too big.
Never allow others to define your behavior to a single
phrase: ADD, druggie, antisocial, evil..they don't know
the symmetry of your personality. Today I learned a
valuable lesson when I burned under the talk. Sure, I act
like an idiot sometimes, but I'm a happy idiot who prefers
carefree exuberance over seriousness. Forgive me if I am
boring, but no one asked for your opinion. And so what if
I was a little slow this morning, I had a rough night and
was reading straight off my head. I'm sorry I ever
accepted the suggestion that you might ever be right.

Strength, people, strength, and carry on with your days.
Those that'd rather stick and tongue it will trip on their
words someday. Only one person may define who you are, and
that is you. Why? Because it is you living that life, no
one else. Stand against them, attack not by fist, and not
by word. Don't waste your spit over their ignorance. But
be the best you can be, in their face, and that is enough
defeat. It is said that those that try to put down others
are basically searching for a comfort that will ease their
own insecurities.

Ignore the straying fools, for they are envious. Shine.