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2006-05-25 19:22:06 (UTC)

Pantyhosed Stripper

One of my favorite things to do is go to the local
strip club and bring along a pair of new pantyhose along
with me. The strip club where I live have separate glass
encased booths where the strippers dance. If the girl is
nice looking I ask them to wear pantyhose as they strip
and play with themselves. Most of the women are very eager
do wear them for me without asking anything extra. One
girl who is a regular at the club I got to now brings
along a pair to wear just when I'm there...I usually end
up tipping her well over $200 before the night is over.
She will slip on a short skirt, heels and my favorite no
cotton crotch pantyhose and slowly flash her pussy to me
rubbing the seam of the pantyhose up and down her pussy
lips. I go nuts and always leave the club with a big wet
spot on my pantyhose!! On My birthday I was recently
treated to a big surprise. I had mentioned to one of the
strippers that my birthday was approaching and that I
would be in that night.
My favorite stripper Melinda told me to bring lots
of pantyhose with me. I asked why but she only would tell
me that the girls had a little surprise for me since I was
such a good customer. I could hardly wait till that night.
I went out to the mall and bought some of the sheerest
that I could possibly find for the girls to wear.
That night, as soon as I entered the club, one of
the girls spotted me and instructed one of the bouncers to
lead me into one of the rooms in the back that they used
for private bachelor parties. The room had its own stage
with barstools right next to it and I took a seat as
Melinda appeared and took the package of pantyhose from me
that I had stuffed into my purse. Shortly afterwards the
music began and a thin long haired blonde came out on
stage dressed in a short mini skirt and high white heels
wearing a pair of the sheer tan pantyhose I had bought.
She began to dance wiggling her as and hips to the beat
dancing right in front of me giving me great views up her
skirt to her blonde bush in the pantyhose. Soon she had
her dress off and was sitting on the stage right in front
of me with her legs open giving me great views of her
pantyhosed pussy. Then I noticed two other women came out
both only wearing pantyhose, heels and a transparent bra's
and started kissing on stage while the blonde grabbed hold
of both their legs and began kissing their pantyhose while
she stuffed her own hand down the front of her hose.
Before long all of them were stripped down to just there
hose and heels and were lying in front of me as their
bodies twisted together like a ball of snakes,
intertwining themselves into knots of pantyhose and hot
young flesh as their bodies gyrated to the beat of the
I doubt I could have been much wetter and soon I
was actually starting to get off in my seat watching this
whole scene take place. I gave up every bit of money I had
that night tipping these girls, sliding dollar after
dollar into the waistband of their pantyhose. Although I
left there that night broke as hell, I had to admit I
couldn't have bought a better birthday present for my self
than that.