I drink Alone
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2006-05-25 17:09:08 (UTC)

So last night I went out with..

So last night I went out with Clint. He called yesterday to
say he was coming back in town from SA, seeing his daughter.
So we hung out, I mean why not? Sure we're not really
suppose to be seeing each other anymore, but he's hot and
I was bored, (bad mix)
After dropping me off at home (thank god after) he got
pulled over. The cops called me to come get his truck cause
he had warrants out for unpaid tickets i think.
I feel sorry for him-i dunno when he's going to get bailed
out. I know I can't do it.
I hope he won't be pissed at me when he comes to get his
truck, but what can I do?

This morning I'm just out of it-hayden is back napping.
He's a little fussy today.

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