Complicated maiden

Complicated maze
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2006-05-23 04:40:56 (UTC)

Big River

Hey hey hey, I just got from Big River In saskatchewan.
There is about 2,000 people there also known as a little
less then the amount of students at my school! Yeah i Was
drunk for 5 Days and I only spent about $40. Yeah i know
kick ass. I swear to god i could have gotten with any guy
there. Almost everyone flirted with me. Even like daphnes
dad and her creepy old uncles. Yeah I will now name people
and maybe write a small description about em:

Gord- The sexiest guy in big river. He was tall and
buffish, really sexy. A stoner but still. we
didnt kiss but we almost did his friend came out and
fucked our luck.

Craig- his b-day is the day before mine. He has longish
blonde hair and he has a skull tattoo on his left peck.
Kinda cute, He was rubbing his leg on mine at the hotel

Mike martel-He is 28, Hott really good personality sexy. I
was flirting with him and we fooled around. He said i
was "Fucking sexy with That lip ring."

Talia- She is 24 kinda butch but nice. She drove us around

Stretch- He is like 18 he is tall and skinny, real funny.
A hardcore Slipknot fan. Sexy and he wanted me.

Johnny-He was sexy. Bout 6 feet and cute. He found out i
was 16 and he wanted me even more. he was like"am i to old
for you or what?" And he touched my ass. He bought me alot
of drinks.

Lance(Q-tip)-Lance is weird he is daphnes cousin and he is
26, we fooled arounf he has a small wiener. ahahhaha. He
kept saying i was eye fucking him.

Lance-He is from lloydminster, 19 years old. Cute we went
quading kissed a little. He wouldnt shut up about
my "gorgeous face". He wants to see me again in a month.

Jerry- He is fucking GORGEOUS!! native and beautiful.
Almost eighteen, He is a great kisser. Jerry is such a
cutie my god i want to like cream myself at the thought of
him. He is really weird he went skinny dipping and he was
eye fucking me.

Chad- He is 22 but he looks 30ish. Yeah he said he
was "eye licking my tittie" Bahahah. Anywho. He was really
funny and good at impersonating Peter griffin. He tried
to pick me up but i thought he was 30 so i was like blah.
P.s He was fat. ahahah. I love fat guys!

Darryl(scrubby)- He was the owner of the bar and the hotel
we were staying at. He wouldnt stop checking me out. He
always touched my ass and back.

Taya- She is chrystals friend.

Grant- He was kinda annoying. Weird fat and ugly. met him
the first night.

Derek(Gundy)- He was real cute. Glasses and short spikey
hair. Really nice. he had a tattoo on his forearm.

Martan- He was spanish and sexy as HELL. Fuck i d tap
that. He had a girlfriend but she wasnt there though.
He was tall and dark. Real Thin.

Marlese- She was pretty cool. she helped hook us up with
meeting younger guys. She let us in the bar a couple times
cuz she worked there. Bought me a few drinks.

Cole-He is daphnes cousin. 24 chubby, Really drunk
everytime i saw him. He is Talias ex.

Kyle(Darby)-He is weird, the firts day he yelled at me
from his car and asked idf i want to fuck. He was like
sure we were gonna fuck.

Blair-He is Really Gay. Lots of piercings.

THURSDaY MAY 18 2006 DAY ONE- We got there and we go into
our room. Its a piece
of shit. We sit around. Then me and daphne walked to the
store. Then we went to her dads house, we had stew from a
can and watched a show on plastic surgery then americas
next top model. We go back to the hotal room and i met
daphnes dad. He is an ass, and he wont stop checking me
out. We were bored so we went downstairs and we were
hanging out with darryl he gave me a couple creamsickle
drinks. We went back up and we went on the deck thing to
smoke. and i called this guy out. His name was grant. Him
and his friends had rented a room to fry the fish they
caught that day. His friends we Craig, Gundy and Martan We
hung out and played cards, Drank beer. Then we all sat
down and watched tv. I sat next to Craig on the love seat,
I was sitting next to him and he was rubbing his leg on my
leg and then we hald hands but daphne wouldnt stop
bitching so we went to bed at like 4:00am.

FRIDAY MAY 19 2006 DAY TWO- I decided that I felt like
cooking. We had switched rooms into the master suite and
it had two bedrooms a kitchen/living room and a bathroom
with a jacuzzi tub. Yeah so me and daphne went to the
store. we bought shit to make spaghetti and saucce, garlic
toast, and pie. So we made it then we invited darryl up
for it. We all ate it was really good. Later we went down
and walked to the store we were sitting in front of the
hotal and darryl and marlese came out. Marlese was all
turned on cuz some hottie was in there. She said we should
come in and Darryl said we should too. So we go in and He
is fucking hott!! Dark hair, Hott bod, Blue eyes, Tattoo
on his neck. But we didnt really see him cuz he left
shortly after. So we hung out in the bar then we went up
after talking to marlese about hott young guys. She said
she would call us if she found something to do. She did.
We drove 15km outta town to pick up Johnny. He was cool.
We Went back to the bar and met gord, Mike, and a shitload
of people. I was looking good. First I was getting checked
out by EVRYONE then I got so many free drinks. It was fun.
Mike said i was sexy and even though he has a girlfriend
he wouldnt stop flirting with me, Johnny asked me how old
i was i said sixteen and then he was even more turned on
he kept touching my ass and what not. He asked me if he
was too old i said we'll see. Gord kept winking at me and
he saw me checking him out too. It was fun. In the end
crystal wouldnt let johnny out of her grip and everyone
else left for a party. We couldnt go because the wedding
wads the next day, so we stayed and drank a bit more then
went to bed at 5:30 am.

SATURDAY MAY 20 2006 DAY THREE- We got up i showered and
got ready then we were off to the wedding we sat at a
table of children and daphnes little sis and brother were
there. Her brother is 14 he is real cute. He was staring
at me fuck he is cute though. After daohne left to take
pictures with her family and i couldnt go so i went to the
lounge with Blair and a bunch of people. I had 2 beer,
then walked to the Hotel to change. So i do me and daphne
go back and then we get a ride back to the wedding hall.
We sit with blair and mark and a bucnh of daphnes cousins.
There was this kid named Tyler and he was Fucking
annoying. We had supper and the we both bought 8 drink
tickets. Daphnes cousin Lance or q-tip bought me a couple
and so did talia. We drank and lance said i was eye
fucking him. Then marlese comes up to me and says Remember
jerry archibald i told you about he is rigfht behind me i
look over and there he is FUCKING SEXY AS HELL!! yeah. He
keeps glancing at me. Craigs there and Gundy. Lance keeps
saying that i am eye fucking the shit outta him. Then chad
says "Well i just eye fucked her tittie". Its fun we
drink. Im drink then we walk half way to the bar but i
hitch hike ahaha. We get to the bar and Mikes there daphne
goes to the crapper so i goto mike and make sure he knows
that i am checking him out. I tell him how horny i am Cuz
i was. We sit and flirt. Daphne comes back and we keep
flirting some man named wes comes and flirts with me a
bit. Mike and i are sitting out side and he is groping my
leg under the table, Then i tell him I am sixteen and he
freaks out he is like "Sixteen? Sixteen!" Blah blah blah.
He is like now i cant even do shit with you at all. I am
saddened. We hang there gord comes and so does lance. We
all drink then i buy a case of Kokanee and we head to
daphnes dads for a party jerrys there I get so drunk. I
flirt all night with mike and Jerry. Mike wont stop
touching my ass so much for me being to young. He feels me
up and i feel him, nice sized dick. I tell Jerry how sexy
he is and what not. Then i went in and talked to ddaphnes
siblings, I tell her brother that someday he will be real
sexy. So me and Jerry end up making out in the bathroom.
Then we go for breakfast. Finally back to the hotel at
7:45 am and lance comes in daphne leaves we fool around. I
give him head. Its weird, small dick. He leaves i sleep at

SUNDAY MAY 21 2005 DAY FOUR- I tell people about me and
lance and they wont stop teasing me i felt like bawling.
That wasnt just it i was depressed. We sit around me,
taya, daph, darryl and crystal. Drink 3 two sixes. Im
drunkish but miserable. We head down to the bar lance is
there. Barf. We were going to a party and i saw some hot
guy in the hall he says "whats up" i say i am heading to a
party he says i will see you there. Oh well we chill then
talia takes us to a party 18 miles north. We get there and
there are two fires. amybe 25 cars and just people
everywhere. we meet stretch he is sexy, Grant told us he
would tell stretch to stop by cuz he was leaving town on
saturday but he never did, He is cute we sit on an ice
cooler together. Jerry and his friend danny are there.
Jerry and this guy named chad not daphnes cousin but a
random chad go skinny dipping. Its fun. Kyle wont stop
grabbing me adn stuff. Its annoying. So many guys were all
over me and hitting on me. i heard the so many different
pick up lines and so many guys were flirting with me it
was funny. The guy from the bar shows up his name is
lance. He is cute tall and skinny. We hang out for a while
then we kiss a couple times, He is alright. But have to go
so we leave we get a ride to some guy named scotts house.
We drink more. Get home at about 7:30.

MONDAY MAY 22 2005 DAY FIVE- I got ready went down stairs
and Lance was down there the tall skinny one form the
fire. We hung out for a while, Shot some pool then he took
me on his quad and he did wheelies and catwalks i was so
scared, Darryl and taya slept together. I dont know we
went home and here i am assesing my trip. It was fun had a
good time. I wouldnt mind going back. I love the ratio of
hott guys that want me. Ta-ta.

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