My life in therapy
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2006-05-23 00:28:07 (UTC)

The Day After 5/21


What I want from my life

I want to spend my life happy and with the man that I love.
I want to live with no lies no hiding, no being scared. I
want more than anything to spend my life with Matt, because
he always makes me happy and makes me feel special. I want
to spend all my time with him. I want to spend holidays
with both of our families, and friends and I want to go out
and spend the times of our lives with each other. I want to
be able to live a normal life like others do. I want to
share all my feelings and thoughts with him and not feel
scared. I want my life so badly to have him until my dying
day. I love the feelings that I feel every time that I am
with him.

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