Hollow Years
2006-05-22 22:58:26 (UTC)

Everybody scream your heart out

Hmm i don't want to go into this weekend..not because i
can't be bothered or because i'm upset..more like i don't
want to waste my time on talking about it anymore. Lets
just say me and simon have stopped talking for
was an emotional day..but to be honest who can know what
is a lie and what is the truth..i believe he cared that
night but after that day you learn things you don't know
and when you question about them and don't get an start to think maybe it's to hard for him to
tell you the truth.because he cares that you would get
upset. maybe he like to lie to you to keep you there.
maybe he has lied he knows he's done it. he isn't proud of
it. but he's doing whats right for you and staying out of
your life..okay so you won't understand that but i will
and it's good to get it out..i don't want to talk about it
to people anymore i don't want to ask thre opinion i'm out
of his life. i don't see it changing much to him..maybe it
will change alot for me..for the good or the worse i don't
know but what i do know is i can't keep worryng about
it..I'm just going to live from now on with what i have. I
mean persoannly i think i have a rather good life. I have
Lots of amazing friends and i can honestly say that people
care even though i doubt it sometime. I like me. I try to
be nice to everyone and i think people see that. so i
can't hate my life. I do want a boyfriend but right now
one isn't there and there is nothing i can do. I realised
i may have moaned alot in the past 2 years but then again
if things arnt happening and you arnt having ups and downs
every so often are you actually living. isn't that what
life is all about to experience different things. to laugh
to cry to love to lose..maybe but all i do know is i like
my life :) i wouldn't want it to change at all. I'm also a
strong believer in fate and if things happen they are
meant to happen and maybe someday they will come back
maybe they won't but it's nice to have experienced them at
the time. something good will happen soon enough =]
My back hurts very much i can hardly work
I need to revise for my exams but it's not happening.
I love Kyle i really do..but is that a good thing?
Maybe lol i don't know
We'll find out soon in the future maybe
Atleast my life isn't boring.
I would hate that

Song: Pink - Heartbreaker
Mood: RElativly good
Love : Emma

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